Ivana Knezevic 博士

Dr. Knezevic has twenty years of professional experience in standardization and regulation of biologicals. During the first seven years, the expertise in the production, quality control and overall evaluation of vaccines and biological therapeutics was developed at the national level. In 2000, Dr Knezevic joined WHO Biological Standardization Programm and since then her activities have been devoted to the standardization and evaluation of biologicals at the global level. This includes development and establishment of WHO International Standards as well as the assistance to the regulators, manufacturers and other users of these standards. Since 2006, she has been leading standardization of vaccines and biological therapeutic products. Dr Knezevic led development of WHO regulatory guidelines on various aspects of biological evaluation (ie, clinical evaluation of vaccines) as well as the recommendations for production, control and evaluation of selected vaccines, published in WHO Technical Report Series. In the area of biotherapeutics, she coordinated development of the WHO Guidelines on evaluation of similar biotherapeutic products (SBPs) and has initiated a series of workshops to facilitate implementation of guiding principles into regulatory and manufacturers' practice. Dr Knezevic is also the author of several publications that made broad audience aware of WHO initiative in the development, establishment and implementation of standards for vaccines and some other biological products.
Dr. Knezevic is Specialist in Medical Microbiology and Parasitology. She received her MD from the University of Novi Sad, MSc in Medicine (Microbiology) and PhD in Medicine (Virology) from the University of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.